Quest2Learn augmented learning for modern classrooms.

Quest2Learn is a revolutionary extended reality platform that allows teachers to transform any environment into a laboratory for learning science.

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    • Johns Hopkins
    • CUHK

Learn everything you need for virtual labs.

We provide bespoke mixed reality modules that tailor towards your learner needs.

Our 3D models are so realistic, you might forget you are in a virtual world.

Loved by educators and students.

The Quest2Learn platform is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy for students and teachers to use and enjoy. We understand the importance of including essential features and functions to enhance the learning experience, without sacrificing usability.

    • Quest2Learn has completely transformed the way I teach science. My students are more engaged and excited to learn, and the platform has allowed me to bring real-world lab experiences into the classroom.

      Dr. Johnson
      Biochemistry Lab Professor at JHU
    • As someone who finds text-based prelabs to be boring, the interactive nature of Quest2Learn makes learning the lab material much more engaging than traditional lectures or textbooks.

      Undergraduate Student at UCSB
    • I used Quest2Learn, and it helped me prepare before going to lab. I can practice certain techniques that I would otherwise not have access to. I would recommend it to anyone who wants hands-on experience in a virtual lab setting.

      Undergraduate Researcher at JHMI
    • I highly recommend Quest2Learn for any institution looking to enhance their science education. The platform is accessible and affordable, and provides students with valuable hands-on experience in a virtual setting.

      Dr. Young
      Chemistry Lab Professor at JHU
    • Using Quest2Learn has been a game-changer for my research. The platform has allowed our lab to simulate experiments and test new ideas in a safe and cost-effective way.

      Medical Student at USC
    • As a student, I have found Quest2Learn to be an incredibly helpful tool for understanding difficult concepts in science. The interactive nature of the platform makes it much more engaging than traditional lectures or textbooks.

      Undergraduate Student at JHU